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Meditation Program - 1st Semester

Updated: Jan 5

1 MODULE = 1 theme = 3 classes

1ST MODULE - STARTING WITH MEDITATION (3 months - 3 classes)

JANUARY - 1st class How to meditate and what to expect from it (20/25 min of explanations + 20/25 min of meditation)

FEBRUARY - 2nd class Pranayamas or the art of breathing in consciousness (application of different breathing methods in the practice of meditation and explanation of the benefits on the nervous system) about 30min

of exercises and 10/15 min of explanation

MARCH - 3rd class Relaxation + Guided Meditation (10 min of muscular relaxation exercises + 30 min of guided meditation taking up the points seen previously).

2ND MODULE - RELAXATION & MEDITATION @OFFICE (everything will be done on a chair in front of a desk and lasts about 40 min)

APRIL : Upper body relaxation + guided meditation

MAY: Legs and lumbar + Guided meditation

JUNE : Relaxation (breathing exercises) and whole body relaxation + meditation

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